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Southern Sudans riches biodiversity threathen by deforestation


The mountains of Southern Sudan carries Afro-Montane vegetation and is one of the largest Podocapus forest in East Africa. As such the vegetation holds the highest biodiversity in Southern Sudan and Imatong massive alone processes half of the known plant species in Sudan. Forest on Mt.Tereteina is now history and the forest of Didinga Mts. have has almost dissappeared - since early 70'ties (not shown) the forest have been reduced to less than a quarter.




A change detection study of the mountains of Southern Sudan reveal a massive deforestation during the observation period between 1986 and 2010. The satellite image analysis further confirms that the deforestation is ongoing at certain places and predicts that Mt. Dongotona will be totally deforestated by 2021 if the situation is not changed. 


Client: PRINS Engineering contribution to development of Southern Sudan.






PRINS, E and FRIIS. I. (2005). Satellite analysis of the vegetation on the Imatong moutains in  Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda. In: FRIIS. I and VOLLESEN, K. (2005): With interpretation of satellite imagery by Erik Prins and Ib Friss and a chapter on zoogeography by Jon Fjeldså. Biologiske Skrifter 51:2. p 672-681. The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.




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