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Since the establishments of a new EU CAP in 1998 the E.C. have committed them to integrate the environment into their agricultural policies. Presently, EU put big effort into the establishment of agro-environmental indicators.


 Landsat data used to map an area with deforestation activities - the case used as a part of capacity building to Latvian government institutions. 


Since the liberation of Latvia in the beginning of the 90'ties, there has been an increasing export of wood - a few years ago Latvia overtook Canada as major exporter to GBR. Use of Earth Observation data is a very cost effective way to monitor logging amounts and illegal logging from protected areas.


Prins (2001) Methods for indication of biological values and  biodiversity in Latvian farmland - Spatial analysis of land use/cover and landscape in relation to distribution of birds in the farmland. Technical report: Prepared for the project: “management of biodiversity in the Latvian farmland – a decision support system”by Erik Prins Febuary 2001. DANCEE/Ornis Consult Ltd.


Aunins A, Kalviskis K and Prins, E. (2000): Telpiskas informacijas sistemas un attala izpete, Latvian Fund for Nature, Riga 2000,  ISBN-9984-9356-3-9. – First official publication on Earth Observation and GIS in Latvian.

Client: DANCEE 1995-2001



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