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marine biodiversity hot-spots - front zones 


Marine frontal zones are marine 'hot-spot' areas in terms of biodiversity at sea. We have documented, defined and mapped frontal zones from CZCS data which we directly linked to marine biodiversity.




Front zones of the Danish west coast have been classed from CZCS data and overlayed biological indicator data and Ship survays (figure B).



From 577 CZCS scenes we composed an average situation from where it was possible to define frontal zones based upon gradient of chlorophyll-like pigments/suspended material. The satellite observed fronts where linked with avian data from 20 longer cruises carried out in the same period - the co-occurrence of high biological presents and fronts is striking. The application can be used in relation to definition of areas of high biodiversity in most part of the world - this include definition of sensible fishing grounds.



SKOV, H., and PRINS, E., (2001): The impact of frontal stability on the dispersal of piscivorous birds in the

Elbe estuary. Marine Ecology, progress series (1:36).

Client: Development Project / EU MAST - Impress



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