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 Selective cutting in miombo woodland


Together with Institute of Resource Assessment, University of Dar es Salaam, we developed several satellite derived deforestation and dedradation measures for miombo woodland during a University colloboration project Agricultural and Ecological Consequences of Deforestation and Afforestation in Tanzania  and  Zambia based on Satellite Remote Sensing'.


 Landsat data used to spot degradation areas around Mbeya Town in South Western Tanzania.   



The miombo woodland eco-environment is comparable more stable than the West-African Sudano zone, which open up for biomass measures of miombo. By calibartion of annual images it was possible to measure general increase or decrease in biomass in miombo woodland. The study confessed that the Ujamaa villagisation was a prime course to deforestation and degradation. The above example show decrease in wood resources around the town Mbeya - most of the degradation was coursed by cutting for fuel wood.


The results have implications for biomass accounting and REDD.  

Client: Danida ENRECA programme 1991-94.



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