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block 5A - oil field of Sudan - MASSIVE CHANGES IN TRADITIOnal land use since the introduction of oil industry



A multi-temporal study of the oil concession block 5A revealed massive changes in the traditional farming pattern since the introduction of oil industry.




Particular in the period between 1999-02 massive changes can be recorded from Landsat data recorded the same time of the year. Changes appear as decrease of bare areas surrounding villages. The pattern of change co-respond fits accurately with reporting of fighting in the areas.



Change in land use in the period 1999-04. During 2002 almost no land use activity (farming activity) could be observed around Nhialdiu. An increased in farming activity could, however be observed around Touc and south of. 




Change in farming activity in Block 5A from 1999 to spring 2003, during this period most observed farming activity was moved away from areas of the expanding oil industry.



Change in farming activity in the period 2000-2 and plot of village attacks (recorded from literature). Brown refers to areas which were observed as farming areas in 2000 but not in late 2002. Pale green observed farming areas in late 2002 which co-responded with reported refugee areas. 


Client: The European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS)




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